Vale Johann Cruyff

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Vale Johann Cruyff

Post by grassy1 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:45 pm

A major architect of Dutch "Total Football" was lost to the World,when Johann Cruyff lost his Battle with Cancer,aged 68.

For all the talent Holland had in the late 1960's and most of the 1970's,Cruyff and Rinus Michels were the Masters that stemmed back from their days of setting AJAX AMSTERDAM on the Ultimate Path to Glory which results in domination of the Dutch Football League and for a Hat-trick of European Cups.

The World Cup in Germany was meant to be their crowning Glory and for a short while,it looked that way,after Cruyff "ghosts pasts his marker Voghts" in the 1st minute after 14 passes and earns a Penalty from Referee Jack Taylor,which Johann Neeskens converts from the spot.

However Helmutt Schon' and the Germans find a way to stop the Dutch in their tracks,with a Penalty of their own,through Paul Breitner and then the Irrepressible Gerd Muller.

Cruyff by then is at Barcelona,whom he helps to a 1st Title in 10 years in 1973/74 and then carries a club Midtable in that season,to the Semi's,where they are stopped short of a Dream Final against Bayern Munich.

Cruyff scores 392 Goals over 525 games,but his backward Flick pass becomes folklore.

He returned to Barcelona to lead them to more domestic Glory and then lifts them to a greater level,where Barca finally Wins the Title of Champions of Europe.

His Loss is mourned in Holland and Barcelona,where he lost battle with Cancer.

RIP Johann Cruyff!

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