Monaco Grand Prix

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Monaco Grand Prix

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I have followed Motor Sport as long as I have followed footy. I saw my first race at Albert Park in 1956 when they used to race clockwise around the lake. I have no hesitation in stating that Daniel Ricciardo's drive to win the Monaco Grand prix was the best drive I have ever seen in any category of the sport.

Many of my friends do not "get" motor sport and can find it quite boring at times. Irrespective of your outlook on the sport, for someone to beat the world's best at any sport against huge odds is always worthy of notice. Ricciardo had set the fastest time in the 3 practice sessions, won pole position by nearly half a second, which in F1 terms is the length of the straight and up to the 28th lap had a stranglehold on the win. Then trouble struck causing the loss of considerable power. Team Boss, Christian Horner, admitted the team was considering retiring the car.

“They’re telling me on the intercom we’re going to have to retire the car in one or two laps, and I said look, we’re in the lead of the Monaco Grand Prix, we’re keeping going,” Horner told Sky Sports.
“He’s lost about 25 percent of the power of the engine, and then because of the way these engines work, that then puts all his braking, his rear brake temperatures are going through the roof.
“So he’s having to cool the brakes, he’s having to cool the car,” he added.
“He’s having to lift off to do that. He’s got Sebastian Vettel breathing down his neck. He cannot make a mistake, he cannot lock a wheel up.
“And he’s dealing with all the switch change, all the stuff he’s got to manage and he totally nailed it. He was the coolest guy out there today.”

On a track where the slightest mistake can end in tragedy, Daniel brought the car home in 1st place. He ended up winning by 7 seconds after being hounded by Vettel for 78 laps.

Simply magnificent!!
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Re: Monaco Grand Prix

Post by nudder12 »

Yep, was a great drive. But too much tension just sitting on the couch watching, imagine being Dan!!

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Re: Monaco Grand Prix

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Very Proud of this Aussie Champion!!!!!

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