A Monumental Disgrace

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A Monumental Disgrace

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At River Plate’s Home Ground this morning,when the Boca Juniors Bus was attacked,by some little charmers.

As a result,the match was postponed for 24 Hours,when both Clubs came to an agreement not to play in the immediate circumstances that eventuates,most likely against Comnebol and the TV Rights Broadcaster.

Comnebol appear to have the spine of s Jellyfish,being more concerned for the TV Company,than the serious situation at hand.

But despite some precedents taking place,the 1st thing they should do,is find the cretins involved in attacking Boca’s Bus and have them barred for Life.

It should have been the Greatest Superclassico in the Derby’s Great History,But those bloody Idiots brought great Shame on it!

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