NFL 2019/20

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NFL 2019/20

Post by grassy1 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:11 am

Halfway through another NFL Season,at least as far as the Regular Season goes and thanks or no thanks to Gregg Easterbrook,I am not a fan of NFL Commissioner,Roger Goodall.

Apart from that,I don’t mind watching the Sport and in particular,this Competition.One thing hasn’t changed.

The Patriots!

Undefeated after 8 Wins,with you know who still there and you know who still there.Take your pick on who comes 1st.Bill Bellichik or Tom Brady.They are going to take a power of beating for the Super Bowl again,let alone the AFC Championship.

I’m not sure anyone can give them a shake in that conference,save the Ravens and maybe Chiefs.And who are the Patriots playing this week?The Patriots at Home.

The Main contenders in the NFC are the Packers,Saints,Seahawks and right now San Francisco 49ers,undefeated after 8 games.

In the Heart of our defence,is once hated Seahawk Richard Sherman,who used to Bait something chronic and now we love the guy.I haven’t seen us play much and if you asked me to name our Quarter Back right now,I’d be struggling.

Probably because I’ve been tracking former Perth Demon Colts And Reserves Player,Mitch Wishnowsky.To be really honest,I only noticed him every now and again playing for us and to be brutally honest about the attention I was giving him,never noticed him at Utah College,where spent 3 years.

His stats were quite impressive,averaging some good consistent yardage in each year there and earning All American Status in one year.I sat up and noticed him,when much was made of his Drafting at 110 by my team,the San Francisco 49ers.

He hasn’t been needed much in his 8 games,averting just over 3 punts a game.And if you don’t need to punt much,then something must be going right elsewhere.But when called upon,his Stats are really impressive,especially as the opposition have barely managed to return his Punts in his 1st 6 games,for 22 yards.So he has really pinned the opposition back.

Yesterday he punted 5 times for 231 yards at an Average of 46.2,with the Longest Punt being 50.62 is his best,last week against the Panthers,in our 51 - 13 Romp Win.Where was Cam Newton?Or am I completely out of touch?

We beat Arizona last night 28 - 25,surviving a Cardinals rally,which may have included a Safety for 2 points.Not sure how that happened,but it was probably better than coughing up a Touchdown,which might have resulted in our 1st loss of the season.

We’re still Undefeated,but we have some serious Tests coming up,with Pat Caroll’s Seahawks playing us twice,the Rams again,the Packers and maybe Drew Brees’ Saints.

But for Mitch,good on you Buddy!Keep up your great work,whatever happens!Go 9ers!

I’ll save my comments on 7’s strange lack of obsession for the 9ers this season for future posts here.Except to say,why are you ignoring this Australian,compared to a certain chap called Jarryd Hayne? :roll:

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