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NFL 2019/20

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:11 am
by grassy1
Halfway through another NFL Season,at least as far as the Regular Season goes and thanks or no thanks to Gregg Easterbrook,I am not a fan of NFL Commissioner,Roger Goodall.

Apart from that,I don’t mind watching the Sport and in particular,this Competition.One thing hasn’t changed.

The Patriots!

Undefeated after 8 Wins,with you know who still there and you know who still there.Take your pick on who comes 1st.Bill Bellichik or Tom Brady.They are going to take a power of beating for the Super Bowl again,let alone the AFC Championship.

I’m not sure anyone can give them a shake in that conference,save the Ravens and maybe Chiefs.And who are the Patriots playing this week?The Patriots at Home.

The Main contenders in the NFC are the Packers,Saints,Seahawks and right now San Francisco 49ers,undefeated after 8 games.

In the Heart of our defence,is once hated Seahawk Richard Sherman,who used to Bait something chronic and now we love the guy.I haven’t seen us play much and if you asked me to name our Quarter Back right now,I’d be struggling.

Probably because I’ve been tracking former Perth Demon Colts And Reserves Player,Mitch Wishnowsky.To be really honest,I only noticed him every now and again playing for us and to be brutally honest about the attention I was giving him,never noticed him at Utah College,where spent 3 years.

His stats were quite impressive,averaging some good consistent yardage in each year there and earning All American Status in one year.I sat up and noticed him,when much was made of his Drafting at 110 by my team,the San Francisco 49ers.

He hasn’t been needed much in his 8 games,averting just over 3 punts a game.And if you don’t need to punt much,then something must be going right elsewhere.But when called upon,his Stats are really impressive,especially as the opposition have barely managed to return his Punts in his 1st 6 games,for 22 yards.So he has really pinned the opposition back.

Yesterday he punted 5 times for 231 yards at an Average of 46.2,with the Longest Punt being 50.62 is his best,last week against the Panthers,in our 51 - 13 Romp Win.Where was Cam Newton?Or am I completely out of touch?

We beat Arizona last night 28 - 25,surviving a Cardinals rally,which may have included a Safety for 2 points.Not sure how that happened,but it was probably better than coughing up a Touchdown,which might have resulted in our 1st loss of the season.

We’re still Undefeated,but we have some serious Tests coming up,with Pat Caroll’s Seahawks playing us twice,the Rams again,the Packers and maybe Drew Brees’ Saints.

But for Mitch,good on you Buddy!Keep up your great work,whatever happens!Go 9ers!

I’ll save my comments on 7’s strange lack of obsession for the 9ers this season for future posts here.Except to say,why are you ignoring this Australian,compared to a certain chap called Jarryd Hayne? :roll:

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:08 pm
by grassy1

2 Losses against 2 good teams,albeit both at the Final Gun,by an opposition Field Goal.

Against the Seahawks at Home,then Baltimore on Sunday just gone.Both times,we had our chances.First by a missed Field Goal against the Seahawks,where ex Demon Mitch Wishnowsky,held the ball in the act of the Field Goal attempt.A few questions pop into the head,such as did Mitch hold the ball right,or did the Kicker just plain miss?

Sunday,the boys had a Field Goal blocked just before Half Time to take a seemingly improbable 3 point lead,after the Ravens had us under the Pump.Had we converted that Attempt,we could have been 3 points up and more,when Jimmy(Garrupulo)decided to convert 4 and 1 into a Crucial 1st Down,getting us into Field Goal Range good and proper.

Should Jimmy have gone for it,or should Coach Shanahan have made the call to go for 3,in light of the miss before Half Time?If it threatens to do my head in,having only read the plays after the event,I can only imagine what it’s doing to the 49ers.Hopefully the Coach and experienced players like Richard Sherman can steady the ship,with Stern Tests ahead to keep us right in Championship Contention.Never mind Super Bowl right now!

Saints on the Road next week,won’t be easy.But if we’re good enough,we’ll find a way.Good work so far guys,being 10 and 2.But knuckle down and Post more Wins,because it is still possible to miss the Play -offs from here!

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:08 pm
by grassy1
I’ll post something more tonight,but the 2019 Play - Offs are set in stone,starting next week.

The following teams have the Bye,..........

NFC - San Francisco 49ers,Green Bay Packers
AFC - Baltimore Ravens,Kansas City Chiefs

The Wildcard Matches if memory serves are the following,.......

NFC - Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints
- SeattleSeahawks. @ Philadelphia Eagles

AFC - Tennesee Titans @ New England Patriots
- Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans

Top Seed for San Francisco came down to a matter of Inches in Seattle.Lose on 4th and 5,we were going to Philly and the Seahawks had the Bye and the NFC West.Survive and we grab the Division and the all important Bye.

We just survived,which needed one more play to confirm it,which Jimmy Garrupulo did with a 3 yard run,to bring the Click to Zero.Fantastic stuff for the 9ers,but now we see how far we can take this.Taking my 9er Glasses off,I tend to lean to a Packers and Chiefs Super Bowl,though I really Hope it’s the San Francisco 49ers,taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy from Miami on February 2(February 3 for us).

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:39 pm
by grassy1
I should add that the Ravens,Patriots and Saints are Serious contenders as well.

The teams with Unfinished Business in my book are the Championship Losers from last year,who somehow found a way to not play in the Super Bowl last season.

Though the Saints probably got Screwed by a Bad Refereeing Decision,which if overturned would have seen the Saints bring The George Halas Trophy Home.

Some people might have had their Suspicions that the NFL might have got Square with Sean Payton and the Saints,for Bashball(or whatever it was called),back in 2011,but Saints fans would need an Awfull lot of proof to confirm any such suspicions.

The Ravens or Patriots should go close and you can never Underestimate John Harbaugh and Bill Bellichik.

If anyone outside the above mentioned Teams can upset the Applecart,it would be between the winner of the Seahawks v Eagles Wildcard Match.

It probably sucks for Seattle that they are handed that Roadtrip,as the NFC East has been the poorest Division this Season,save for the AFC North.

But still,Philly are there as 4th Seed in the NFC and they have been recent Super Bowl Champions,having beaten the Patriots in a Shootout!

If Seattle and Russell Wilson can get past them,plus a couple of little Gremlins(like clock management),I wouldn’t put it past them to go all the way to a 2nd Vince Lombardi Trophy!

Quite a Mouthwatering 5 weeks ahead.

Go the Niners!

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 3:37 am
by grassy1
2 Big Guns Out.

New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints,both at home at the hands of Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings.The Patriots going out,ensures with the Rams not qualifying for Play -Offs,that the Super Bowl has 2 DifferentTeams hoping to get their hands on the Lombardi Trophy.

The early speculation is,Brady will continue,after the early knockout this season.The early elimination was not in the Brady Plan and he will want to redress that next season,even though he’s about 43.

In other matches,Houston Texans just outlasted Buffalo Bills,after overcoming a 16 - 0 Deficit and Seattle Seahawks took care of business on the road,by choking the Eagles 17 - 9,with Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson playing their part in crucial plays,when needed most,to quell any faint Home Team hopes.The Eagles had 3 Quarterbacks on the night,with the main man sustaining a rather nasty knock,from a Crude Seahawks effort.It was Not the Eagles’ Day.

So,the Division Matcups are as follows -

NFC - Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers
- Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers

AFC - Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens
- Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Given the Upsets in the Wild Card Play - Offs,they can happen again in the Divisional Play - Off Games,but I see the Championship Gamex being as such -

NFC - Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers
AFC - Kansas City Chiefs. @ Baltimore Ravens

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:09 pm
by grassy1
9ers take care of Business against the Vikings 27 - 10,after the Vikings got away to an early lead.

Good defence by Richard Sherman and Co,put the Vikings out of Business and Jimmy put the finishing touches to it.

Mitch Wishnowsky had 4 Punts,2 Of which got returned a fair distance,but the other 2 were fumbled,1 Critically turned over our way.

Now we await Green Bay or the Seahawks at Home for the NFC Championship:George Halas Trophy.

And Tennessee Titans await the Winner Of the Chiefs/Texans game in Kansas City,after upsetting Baltimore.

But was it an Upset?Probably!But surprising?Possibly not!

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:56 am
by grassy1
Green Bay Packers took care of business against Seattle,getting the early jump on the Seahawks to emerge triumphant in the end 28 - 23.It’s going to be a Ding Dong battle next week and despite a Green Bay fan’s scepticism about his team’s chances,they are no less contenders than my 9ers,for the NFC Title and beyond.

Only problem is,I’ll be flat out at work to watch it,so I’ll just have to keep Tabs on the score line and maybe sneakily change the Channel of the TV nearby,which gets hardly noticed. 8)

Meanwhile in the AFC,Kansas City Chiefs booked a Home Championship Game against surprise packets Tennessee,despite being jumped by the Texans 21 - 0 in the 1st Quarter.They soon woke up from there and steamrolled the Texans 51 - 10 from that point on.I really don’t know how to weigh up the Good from the Bad of the Chiefs just yet,but Andy Reid might have his own ideas on how to take them 2 steps further than last year,after you know who upset the apple cart at Arrowhead Stadium last year.

Well,you know who(the Patriots)aren’t there this time,but the team that knocked the Patriots and the Ravens off on the Road,stand in the way and Tennessee won’t be there to stand on ceremony at the very least.

Will post more as the Championship Play - offs get closer,that being the George Halas Trophy(NFC)and the Lamar Hunt Trophy(AFC)on Monday morning,afternoon Australian Summer Time.

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:57 am
by grassy1
Anyone here got their own NFL loyalties to show for?

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:59 pm
by grassy1
It’s Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco on Sunday February 2 in a Big Super Bowl in 2 Weeks time.

I’ll be stuck at work,Dammit!But I’ll do what I can to get the TV where I am put on Channel 73,if it’s stuck on 9.

It shouldn’t be,with the Australian Open Done and Dusted!

More later,but really looking forward to it!

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:32 am
by grassy1
Whilst the Chiefs took a short while to overcome another slow start,the 49ers blew the Pack away 27 - 0 in the 1st Half to set up a Redsea Super Bowl,where both teams primary Colours are Red!

Of course,someone will have to wear their Away gear,though the helmets could be traditionally worn,given the Niners could sport their Gold Helmets,whilst the Chiefs go with their Red helmets.

Whatever the teams show up in,should well be secondary to what the two teams do.Over the course of the season,it might seem like it’s a Showdown between Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garuppulo and that’s still what might eventuate.

But both teams have their weaponary built around the Quarterbacks.And stopping Raheem Mostert might be the Chiefs’ main concern,after Mostert tore around Santa Clara like there was no tomorrow for 220 yards and 4 Touchdowns.

Tbc - will continue this tomorrow,as the battery here is just about flat.Jeez Grassy,talk about anti - climax here,but given I have 2 weeks to get ready for the Big One,let’s keep the discussion rolling.

Other points of view very welcome here,folks!

Re: NFL 2019/20

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:47 pm
by grassy1
Ok folks,a brief report for now,as I’m a bit down.

Well done to the Kansas City Chiefs,Patrick Mahomes,their fans and most of all,veteran Coach Andy Reid,who many neutrals if they couldn’t choose a team in The Joe Montana Bowl,leaned towards the Chiefs out of respect for a much respected figure of NFL in Andy.Well done to you Andy!You deserve the Win,in getting home over the Niners,when things were lookin’ grim,so get back to KC and have a Ball!

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

As for my San Francisco 49ers,we fell one Quarter short of a 6th Super Bowl.I could be critical,but I’ll leave that to the Di Bartolo Family.Lucky Eddie isn’t Boss still!Not sure he would have copped this Loss at all!

Commiserations fellas,Kyle,Jimmy,Sherm,Raheem,Mitch and all.More later!