Latrell Mitchell Signs a Deal as a Rabbitoh!

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Latrell Mitchell Signs a Deal as a Rabbitoh!

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Look,let me get on the front foot and say,Bewdy!It’s Us that got his Services as a South’s Player!

I reckon the guy is a Tremendous Player.

Champion?Pound for pound on the Field,you bet!All round Champion?Hmmmmmm,something’s not right,as much as he is most welcome to play for us!

You’d think as a Rabbitohs Fans,I shouldn’t give two shits about the Old Eastern Suburbs,which they are to me,still!Probably not and Russell’s little Book would confirm our feelings towards the Roosters!

But I have to ask,what the Hell went wrong at the Roosters?Surely,in playing a Major part in their back to back Premierships,you’d be happy where you are,right?Not so,so what went wrong?Surely it’s more than just the old money factor?Latrell and his Manager became an unfortunate saga and when the still young Player effectively Slammed the Door in his old Club’s Face,I had to shake my head,regardless of whether South’s would be beneficiaries or not!

As it turns out,we are the beneficiaries of his signing,but has it put any of our current players at odds with the Club?

Who knows and I dread to think Latrell’s signing has put someone offside.I hope not,but I just wish from here,Latrell can settle down,play some great footy and possibly bring us another flag,when I previously thought,the current window may have shut!

He has been the target of vitriol in the past few years,be it Racist or personal and his signing with us,will guarantee bad blood from Roosters fans!How he deals with that,could possibly determine his destiny and South Sydney’s in the next year or 2.

Hope it works out!

So Welcome Latrell Mitchell.I wish you All the Best of Luck on your Career with South Sydney and beyond!

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