Thought for Reflection

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Thought for Reflection

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Despite my Australian sense of being,I Never Failed to be inspired by the Story of Chariots of Fire!

The story of Two Great Men,make that Three whose own story when you look deeper makes you just want to be like them,or just a better person such as Harold Abraham,Eric Liddell and might I be so bold as to add Jackson Scholz in the same company?

Each with their beliefs,values,inspirations,feelings on how they went about Life,so great,I could barely scratch the surface in living up to their greatness.

Still,be it the Olympic Games,Australian Rules,or any other sport,I can only offer this thought -

The Sporting Season,like Life is a Marathon,rather than a sprint!

Having said that,it’s always a thrill when the person or team you believe in,breaks the tape first in whatever race they’re in,whatever their inspiration and/or belief.

It doesn’t always happen,but when it does,it’s a little something that just keeps you striving on in Life,that makes you believe,that something better lies around the corner.

With that in mind,I say simply to all on our little planet,Good Luck!

Whatever it is we all look for,I hope you find that special something,that inspires you to believe,there’s something always there to keep you striving for a better outcome in Life.
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