Buddy Franklin

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Buddy Franklin

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Buddy announced his retirement today after the injury from the game on Saturday.

Cale Hooker must be relieved. ;-)

I doubt we will see a player kick a hundred goals in a season let alone over 1,000 goals in a career again.

dices ad adepto futui (tell them to f*** off)
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Re: Buddy Franklin

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All the best Buddy 8)
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Re: Buddy Franklin

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BenDoolan wrote: Mon Jul 31, 2023 3:32 pm Plodder.

All the best Buddy 8)
Laconic in his youth,a bit like Dion(Woods),a bit like Wildcat Roselle(Ellis).But head and shoulders above all comers,despite those early days of Johnno(Colts Coach),being in Buddy’s ears all the time.A bit like Sharod Wellingham.

One of the few Demons that attended week by week to see you play your only League Game at Arena Joondalup,kick a Goal and hope for more,only for Wesley College to pinch you back for 3 more Alcock Shield Games,much to our disgust!

So that was the last we saw of you in a Demon Guernsey and we knew we wouldn’t get you back,unless you settled back home a few years ago.Once you get drafted at 5,settled in at Hawthorn,kicked a Winning Finals Goal to send the Crows packing,you were on your way.No doubt Chance Bateman had a good influence(Naughty boy though he was in a Certain Game :lol: ),in helping you getting acquainted to Glenferrie and Waverley Park.

Congratulations on your Magnificent AFL Career.Worth every Penny of it!Kicking your 1000th Career twice in one night was pretty unique,which was one of my babies.Ask Brad Hardie about some joker from Lathlain. 8) :lol:

Put your feet up now,Champ!As much as us Demons have got every Door wide open for a season or 2 of Full Houses,we can’t begrudge you a well Earnt rest.But you have to laugh at the irony of where we’re playing in the week of your Retirement.

Arena Joondalup.

That’s right,home of the Falcons,Cardinals,West Perth Football Club.Not much has changed for us in 19 years,they’re lookin’ to spank us again,like they did then.But boy,we could do with a few extra Goals from you on a smashing Perth day,as poor old Jayden isn’t with us now. :-" :lol:

But enjoy the Fruits of retirement.But pick 9,not 7 if you go into the Media.Keep CHOMPERS honest. :lol:
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