Perth Demons 2018

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Re: Perth Demons 2018

Post by grassy1 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:44 pm

Oops,so much for expanding on things and right now,I’m not about to do it.

Suffice to say,we Won again yesterday,taking us to 5 - 7,which doesn’t look great,but for us(like Jum Highs stopping a belter),it’s a bloody miracle.With deference to Doug Walters.

We lost to West Perth by 21 points,but never looked like Winning.We best Swan Districts by 24 points and we’re never headed.That doesn’t mean though we never looked like losing.

We still could have coughed it up,but I’m pleased to say,we generally answered every challenge.

I was a little bit annoyed when we didn’t ram the advantage home at the end,particularly when we kicked the ball backwards,coughing up a couple of late goals,instead of pumping the ball forward,for at least a boundary throw in from a forward line contest.

Always fun sitting where I am,hearing the Cosches go off.Earl Spalding had plenty to say,whilst Adam Pickering(SD)was generally quiet,but did get worked up about a couple of things,but saved his sprays for the change room apparently!

One funny moment up Top was hearing the Footy Radio Commentator let one slip when Michael Bennell kicked a nice Sausage Roll through the Big sticks,saying Muchael Bennell has kicked that one out of his Arse!Oops!

Beautifully put if you’re a spectator,perhaps not quite right OnAir.Never mind!

It reminded me of Bob Uecker’s Harry Doyle in Major League,saying Goddam OnAir.

“You can’t say Goddam on the air!”

“Don’t worry,nobody’s listening anyway!” :lol:

Some notable performances came from Michael Sinclair,marshalling the backline superbly.

Christian Eyres worked tirelessly in the Ruck and sometimes from the floor,making it difficult for Swans to get the Centre breaks.

Cody Ninyette,who learnt a thing or 2 from his downer against West Perth,kicking 5.2 yesterday.

There were many others,but Mr Reliable Cody Leggett,went about his work like a quiet Assassin,racking up 27 disposals,11 Tackles and no doubt some much valued 1%ers.

Onwards to 2 Home Games against Peelmantle and East Fremantle.

Lord knows how Fremantle are going to handle their season and that of their Reserves Team,but we should just concentrate on who we pick and how we go about the next Game.

Go Demons!

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Re: Perth Demons 2018

Post by grassy1 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:57 am

Another Win,steady as she goes.

This time by 8 points,after storming home in the Final Quarter against Peelmantle,4.7 - 1.1,albeit with a good breeze from the Nor-West.

He wasn’in our best players,but he should have been.We must be trying to hide him,but Ben,your boy Leggett just quietly racked up 32 disposals,13 Inside 50’s and 5 tackles and a g’day from a former Junior Coach last week.

Plenty of other contributions including Muchael Sinclair,Christian Eyres,Clint Jones and Brandt Colledge for starters.

I guess the pleasing thing about this was our boys never gave up on a trying day,trying to break down the Lyon blueprint of ultra defence.

We spent most of the day,getting sprung on the counterattack,when we didn’t play smart enough footy earlier on,trying to unpick Peelmantle’s stacked backline.

Old Bomber Ben Howlett popped in and out of play,but thankfully he didn’t hurt us too much.

We are now 6 and 7,which ordinarily doesn’t sound too convincing,but we are sitting 4th,fighting out the Final 2 spots of the Final 5.

Gotta keep Winning,especially the next 3,before things really get stern against South Fremantle and Subiaco.

Only 1400 at the game by 1 estimate,but it seemed like most of the crowd were in the 2 Bars after the game,full of beaming Demons supporters and Michael Johnson,who played 49 games for us(including 1 with Buddy)before his AFL Career.

Our Coach certainly made it his business to make him feel welcome again. 8)

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