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Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 1:29 pm
by grassy1
Proving yet again that there is something in the WAFL and consequently Western Australian Footy,our boys stood tall in enemy territory and gave the Croweaters a Bath!

We have Won 6 State Games in a row,confirming our Status as Number 1 in Interstate Footy!

Victoria can lay claim to being Number 1 in State of Origin,but with that competition in No Man’s Land(no thanks to 4 Clubs West of Nhill),it’s a rather useless title to have with No Challengers.

West Coast,Fremantle,Adelaide and Port Power are too Gutless to put their players up for 1lousy State of Origin game a year.SHAMEFULL

But equally SHAMEFULL is the decision of AFL Victoria to pull VICTORIA out of Interstate Football at State League Level.

Geez you guys,I know you had your pants pulled down last year at Home, to the tune of over 10 Goals!

But that’s no reason to skulk away with your tails between your legs and not want to play again.

With due respect to you guys here,that’s not the Big White V I knew and once feared!

So I give your state this Rev up!

Come on Victoria you PUSSIES!Get off the Canvas and Fight!

Show us what you got to try and knock WA off our perch as Champions of Interstate Football!