4 umpire trial.

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4 umpire trial.

Post by F111 »

http://www.essendonfc.com.au/news/2018- ... -4-umpires

Ffs, 3 different opinions on the ground won't get fixed by adding another one!

I've always preferred two umpires. They've been getting in the way too much this year already.

Give the 4 boundary umpires some limited ability to blow the whistle. They're always on the central umpires blind side so it's got to help. A throw and the deliberate oob. Can't be that hard surely. :-k

If the central umpire has a sh!te game s/he gets dropped to the boundary next week!

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Re: 4 umpire trial.

Post by grassy1 »

If we know the AWFULL Commission well enough for their propensity to fiddle with the game,we could’ve seen this coming a mile off!

Most people I speak to,believe 3 Umpires are 1 too many.2 is enough,which gives The Umpiring Squads more depth.

But no,not Awfull!They want 4 and they want them Zoned off!

Give me F***king Strength!!!!! :roll: :-" :-&

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Re: 4 umpire trial.

Post by Crazyman »

Does the guide dog count as an umpire? :lol:

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Re: 4 umpire trial.

Post by s'dreams »

Umm ... why can't they be honest

3 less games a week, means that 9 umps don't get a game - so don't get match payments

throwing an extra ump onto the field means that only 3 umps miss out.
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