Perth Football Club 2019

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Perth Football Club 2019

Post by grassy1 » Sun May 05, 2019 12:46 pm

I held this back for a while,not daring to breath as each week passed by.

For the 1st time in 41 years,since our last League Grand Final appearance,we have started the season 5 - 0.

Amazing,but perhaps not,given how well the team has blended in,with contributors frequent every week.

I just hope the mid season draft doesn’t pry too many away from us.If I had my way,there wouldn’t be a mid season draft,as those pricks at AWFULL House don’t seem to want to give the State League Clubs anything back,while AFL Clubs will spend $60Grand minimum on each player that is picked up.How about giving us $20Grand Minimum,if you want to pick up say,excitement machine,Michael Bennell.

He doesn’t get too many possessions,but he knows where the goals are and can take a few screamers as well.

I don’t want to hold him back,but I’d put an injunction on all WAFL players going to the AFL until the Annual Draft in about 6 months.

Still,I have enjoyed what I have seen so far,with the action due to continue in just under a fortnight,after the WA v SA State Game,before I piss off from the Dorkers v Richmond game,as the Dorkers and Weagles have pissed off Interstate Football Fans.

How the State Game is a curtain Raiser to an AFL Fixture,beggars belief.The AFL Fans here don’t care about Interstate Footy and didn’t say Boo,when Western Australia THRASHED the once mighty Big White Vee in Melbourne for the 1st time ever.

Worse yet,I heard on pretty good authority,each quarter was to be 27 minutes straight,with no Time on.Outrageous,but that is a sad sign of the times,when bureaucrats with no feel for the game,make such idiotic decisions.If the AFL fixture needs the required between the Curtain Raiser and AFL Fixture,move the State Game forward half an hour to 11.30,so the Combatants get the 4 Quarters of 20 minutes plus time on.

Caaaarrrnnn Western Australia!

Caaaaarrrnn The Mighty Demons! :twisted:

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