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During the telecast of our game, BT and Higgins started a discussion re the ball used for night games and how slippery it is especially in wet conditions. Higgins likened it to a cake of soap and commented that the main problem was the paint used for plastering the ball with advertising, made even worse by the designs added for the Doug Nicholls round.
BT said that there was probably nothing that could be done. What bullshit!!! It appears that the AFL’s quest to saturate the game with advertising has in fact created situation where the advertising on the ball is having a detrimental effect on the players ability to handle the hall and therefore having an adverse effect on the game as a spectacle. The simple solution is to get rid of the advertising and the additional artwork. With the AFL’s obsession with the holy dollar, there is not a chance in hell that this is going to happen but it was most interesting that both commentators mentioned that there had been some discussion between players regarding the problem during the past couple of weeks. I wonder if anything may come of it.
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Agreed. Get rid of the bullshit on the ball.

But we all know the AFL want to put advertising on every square inch of the game. I'm sure they'd love to put advertising on the back of my eyelids for when I fall asleep watching one of the many dull games each round.
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They like Press Releases too,only to look like they come out LYING!

Tell us again McLachlan,what exactly happened with the Fan who called an Umpire a Green Maggott?!

You tried to take the High Moral ground on this you Fool and it’s blown up in your faces!

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