Thursday footy

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Thursday footy

Post by Crazyman »

Can anyone explain why there are Thursday games during bye rounds?

I understand to kick off the year, before a long weekend with Friday holidays, but ffs, when there are only 6 games????

Media rights ruling the roost me thinks...

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Re: Thursday footy

Post by F111 »

Long breaks allow the use of the time slot. TV time....$$$

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Re: Thursday footy

Post by s'dreams »

Increased gambling despite there being fewer games.
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Re: Thursday footy

Post by grassy1 »

TV,TV,TV! :roll:

Channel Eagle give me many reasons to bag them on 2 fronts.

AFL and WAFL.Add to that,the local Women’s Competition.Where’s the telecast there,Mr Stokes?Oh,that’s right,you livestream it!Give me bloody strength! #-o

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