Danny Frawley

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Danny Frawley

Post by s'dreams »

Died in a single car accident today on the Old Melbourne Road near his place in Bungaree

It was his 56th birthday yesterday. Shit timing.

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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by BenDoolan »

Shocked :shock:

How sad.

RIP Spudregis
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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by Windy_Hill »

so sad for his family and friends.

A terrific guy, footy larrikin and true gentleman whom i had the great pleasure dealing with for a short time while he was at the Saints.

Most of all, a brilliant and courageous footballer.

The finals have a large shadow hanging over them.

RIP Spud

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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by Crazyman »


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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by MH_Bomber »

RIP Danny you old Sainter larrikin. Very sad for his family and all who knew and loved him.

A true character of AFL.


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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by grassy1 »

Very sad news to hear of this man’s passing.

Just watching him on Bounce,or remembering the pranks he pulled on mates(ask Stevie Lowe about his big catch) :lol: ,makes you laugh.From what I hear today,He had a far reaching ability to make people laugh and remind you that footy is just a game.

Sincere condolences to Danny’s Wife,3 Daughters,Family,Friends,team mates,coaches,just good old mates and anyone else whose life was touched by Danny!

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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by Daisy..1 »

I can't even express my sadness on this premature and devasting loss. I had a wee banter only 2 weeks ago at an AFL funtion....he was a larikin...a people person...just a decent man.....funny to no end. I will remeber my asking Sheeds that night to coach us again...He (DF) laughed and said you have more chance in believing Man Walked on the Red and Black Moon.!! I was more concerned about speaking to Ess folk....now i regret it. May you rest peacefully.....love and thoughts to your family.we All will miss you xx

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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by Rover99 »

Another colourful icon gone in the saddest of ways. We will miss you. Rest in peace Danny :(

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Re: Danny Frawley

Post by mdso »

Your legacy Danny, will be the message you left behind indelibly stamped for everyone to read and grasp. Do not take yourself off or change medications prescribed for you. Do not mix alcohol and/or other drugs with the meds already prescribed. Do not self medicate.

At a person's lowest point, some of the messages come can lead down to a path of no surrender. Put your hand up, reach out and ask for help, get support.

Rest in peace Danny, you've earned it.
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