Basic Rules for Umps to Concentrate On

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Basic Rules for Umps to Concentrate On

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.....and for you guys to Stick to it,to the exclusion of almost All else,And No More than 10.

1 - Holding The Ball
2 - Push In The Back
3 - Deliberate Out of Bounds
4 - Trip
5 - Too High
6 - 50 Metre Penalties
7 - Play On,advantage
8 - Relayed Free Kicks
9 - Marks
10 - Scoring

Try and keep it Simple Folks!Call the Obvious ones,not the bloody twiggy touchwood ones.Any other Rules should be ONLY considered if the need Arises like the Stretcher and Blood Rule,plus Reportable Incidents.

Anything else,almost doesn’t matter!

Resolve to do that and then Dare that AWFULL Commission to get out there and do it themselves if they don’t like the fact,the gazillion other Rules,often Ridiculous are being ignored!

With a whole lot less to worry about,Do that Consistentlyand the Most Important Stakeholder in the Game,the Supporters will respect you IMMENSELY for it!
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