ESSENDON Anniversary Reflections 1894

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ESSENDON Anniversary Reflections 1894

Post by grassy1 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:31 am

125 Years Ago.

Yes,I know this is stretching it,it’s VFA,but hey,it’s us!

It’s part of our Glorious History and to me,is the 4th of 20 Day Flags,overall.We were the 1st Club in the VFA and amongst the future VFL Clubs to Win 4 Straight Flags.

As is some of the players who were part of our Glorious History,such as Albert”The Great”Thurgood and George Stuckey,amongst many others that were a part of our VFA and early VFL History.

I’m sure better ESSENDON folk than me can do these guys far greater justice,but for now,in reflecting in our early History,may I salute our Magnificent Same Olds thus?

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Re: ESSENDON Anniversary Reflections 1894

Post by BenDoolan » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:10 am

As I remember it, Thurgood was was just Toogood. He kicked 63 goals that season, with his nearest rival kicking 31. Champion of the Colony!

We lost to Geelong in the last game of the season where it ended our 56 unbeaten run (which started in 1892).

George Stuckey was a quick wingman / half back player who became our first VFL captain, and ultimately, the very first VFL premiership captain in 1897. He won the Stawell Gift that year as well!

Fantastic times!
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Re: ESSENDON Anniversary Reflections 1894

Post by Windy_Hill » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:39 pm

Ah, remember it as if it was only 125 years ago!!

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