R15 Essendon v GWS

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Re: R15 Essendon v GWS

Post by grassy1 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:28 am

mdso wrote:
Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:31 am
Yes, more and more people are actually seeing how this organisation known as the AFL works. If the AFL is to change then whoever takes over from Gillon McLaughlin must be from a completely different culture otherwise, it will be more of same, same. Questions have even been asked about the AFL Commission which is really another "old boys club with the occasional women " on the Board.

The future of the AFL and new CEO of the AFL, must be someone who is respected (not from being a champion footballer or a sportsperson) but for who they are as a person. This means they are authentic and integral. They walk the walk and talk the talk. Now that would be a refreshing change. This change must start from the top down and go all the way through the organisation to the bottom ranks. Its a big ask I know but unless it happens this way there will be no change at all.
Can see what you’re saying mdso,but I would like the odd Champion Footballer on the Commission,with Smart Sporting Business Acumen,that understands the Clubs,Competition and the Code in it’s Entirety,but won’t give us Carte Blanche!So that would hopefully ensure,the game doesn’t spiral out of control too far the other way,from where the current Commission have been taking us all.

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Re: R15 Essendon v GWS

Post by mdso » Mon Jul 01, 2019 3:22 pm

grassy1 - Yes Grassy1, I just re-read that and what I was endeavouring to say and said badly was..... just because someone anyone is a good sportsperson it doesn't necessarily maker them a good Administrator or very good with people and a good networker. Whilst playing a sport helps
you to understand being part of a different culture - that particular culture, it may not help you be the best you, you are or can be across the board.

I would not be surprised to see Xavier the CEO at Essendon moving to AFL House in the near future. Perhaps a much more balanced Commission with an equal amount of male and female players as well as "distinguished' others.

The AFL has had a dark nature for a long time, not only since Demetriou took over as CEO then Gillon McLaughlin took over and the culture became more obvious. If we were to look back even further before and when Ron Evans held the reigns was it any different? Was it simply covert?
Whoever drafted the rules and regulations was incredibly brilliant and had to be, a even slightly bent with access to very good Accountants' Lawyers and Tax Law. Others following, found new ways to exploit. Think about it, the AFL pay no tax, they do not seem to have any trouble getting millions of dollars of funding from Federal and State Government/s to maintain the game of Australian Football, buy and build stadiums for a game which is described as entertainment. The AFL has links in MARNGROOK the indigenous football game. Over time the AFL has incorporated other football games and different language into the game known as Australian Rules Football. This has only been acknowledged openly recently. I feel I should ask, "What did our native players get out of it?" The answer is likely to be - the AFL support clubs financially both local, stateside and territories competitions. The AFL is huge employer of staff and players. What the AFL actually is, is a "boys club networking organisation" which is a conglomerate of many, many businesses which service the AFL. Gambling has become a huge advertising booster for the AFL, along with their own media network and TV rights. I think its quite possible before long the AFL will own the lot in terms televising, radio, media.

The AFL's triparte player employment agreement leaves a lot to be desired. Even though players signed away their right to silence, it seems they don't seem to worry about it. Perhaps because until the Supplements Saga at Essendon, very few players had little idea what their contract contained because many did not read the fine print. I wonder if their Manager's read the contract line for line now.

Of all the thousands employed in the game of Australian Rules Football, when Gillon McLaughlin the current CEO stands down, who could really make a difference in terms of the AFL's long held culture and boys club? Would the AFL employ someone unknown from left field? Or, would it only be from the known boys club?
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