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World’s Craziest Fools

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:15 am
by grassy1
Hosted by one Mr T!

Only caught the end of this,after sitting down for brekky(yeah,in front of the telly,I know),to find one of Rocky’s adversaries(really Mr T),host this Darn Fool shows,highlighting what he would call more than just a bloopers tape.

As I said,only caught a bit of this,which finished up with Sporting bloopers,work bloopers and a guy with a gut ache,for him to find his clon had an eel in it,which he shoved up there for god knows why?Anyway,that led to a Top 5 on things found up someone’s Rear,such as a magazine,orange,a pair of glasses and a couple of other things I’ve forgotten about already.

The Supermarket tragedies,where overloaded shelves come to grief,were a classic case of “oh shit!” moments,where you just close the store,with the mess created there.Gee,I wish I watched this show from go to whoa! :roll: 8) :lol: