The Sad Old World Needs a Laugh

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The Sad Old World Needs a Laugh

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Funny thing about this was I was checking out the Grand Final Football Budget from 1975 in Perth.

Know who the Half time Guests were?

2 Wombles from Wimbledon.That’s right,the furry lovable characters who were early day environmentalists,picking up rubbish and turning them into recyclable material.Think it was Orinoco and Great Uncle Bulgaria who apparently had a 300th Birthday and who witnessed Victoria’s Coronation.

They were the creation of Elizabeth Beresford,through Novels first,then a TV Series or 3 in the 1970’s,then in the 1990’s.Bernard Cribbins,well known for his many roles,most noticeably his single appearance in Fawlty Towes and several appearances in Dr Who,narrated the stories and voiced all the Wombles,until Ray Winstone joined him in the role in a 90’s comeback.

Musician Mike Batt came up with The Wombles Pop Group,the theme song and The Wombles were an International Smash Hit,despite their humble underground origins in Wimbledon Common.They were certainly something kids watched in the 70’s and I know I did,all starry eyed at their Genius!

I looked them up on You Tube and also came upon The Sooty Show and The Banana Splits.You could say I was rediscovering my inner Child,but bugger it,why not?The whole world needs to take a deep breath,but given the Imbeciles who run China,Russia and the USA who give children a Bad name with their Bullshit,I very much doubt the world has a chance to change direction from the madness engulfing it now.

Oh well,I can at least have a good laugh :lol: for awhile,in case this world really goes to shit and Implodes and explodes! :-& :roll: :evil:
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