Jake and The Fatman

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Jake and The Fatman

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Another Telly Show,this time from the late 80’s,starring William Conrad(Rip)as gruff,but a softy at heart Hawaiin Born,LA District Attorney JL McCabe,who with the assistance of PI,Jake Styles(Joe Penny)and Junior Counsel Derek Mitchell(Alan Campbell)get to the heart of many a case,often murder.

JL also never went far without his beloved Pet Bulldog Max,with the occasional small story revolving around Max’s wellbeing,whom JL sometimes put above everything else.

I never really got my teeth into this series during the 80’s,probably because it was on telly when I was out(particularly if the show was Thursday Nights),but it has grown on me in recent times,particularly to pass the time in early Covid days in Perth.

But I do enjoy watching it.

The program(and characters)shifted to Hawaii for a couple of seasons when Magnum PI had finished up,before finishing back in Los Angeles.

Now showing on Ten Network’s Channel One,decades after being in 9’s Stable.
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