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Cameron White's Race Rows

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:11 pm
by grassy1
Or should I say Cricket Australia's?

I put this in General Discussion,because of the ever increasing trend of dobbing people in,who make even the smallest of moves or saying something,like they've come out of the corner of their mouth.

Is Cameron White involved in 1 race row or 2?

First,you had one bloke in the stand getting carried away with White's innings at the Dome,cheering and hollering along the way.

Then he got a bit too carried away,clenched his fist on his outstretched arm,yelling out White Power.Maybe pushed a boundary with his carry on,but was it Racist?

Yes,in Cribket Australia's Overzealous Eyes,who probably came over the top like a ton of bricks.

Haven't heard the fan's fate,but if he is banned,things really have gotten out of hand here.

Barely a day after,a Perth Scorchers fan was evicted from the WACA,after being accused of making a racist statement or 2 towards Dwayne Bravo,but did he?

He was dobbed in by none other than Cameron White.What the Hell is going on here Cam?

Did the overdressed Scorchers fan really say a racist sledge at Btavo,or were you trying to make a point towards Cricket Australia,about the 1st Incident?

Re: Cameron White's Race Rows

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:15 pm
by grassy1
Cameron White is a great Victorian Cricketer who I have a lot of time for.

But in regards to Scorchers Supporter James"Choombies"Keating,Cameron.along with Cricket Australia and the WACA,should tell the truth here.

Was Keating simply being a Pain in the Arse or was he Guilty of making Racist and offensive remarks,particularly regarding Dwayne Bravo?

Keating vehemently denied making any Racist Statements and believes he is being unfairly targeted by Cricket Authorities,

As I said,I have a lot of time for Cameron White,but have very little time for Cricket Australia and the WACA Administration,or indeed 20/20 Cricket.

I don't know Keating from a Bar of Soap,have little time for the Scorchers,but something tells me Keating has been given the Shit end of the Stick.

I'd rather Sutherland and Mathews face the Media Music over this than Cameron White,but what's the Absolute Truth here Cam?!

I grant you,it's difficult to put your employers in the frame,given your recent selection,but are you being used by Cricket Authorities to further their Aggendas?