Never mind The Gambling Ads

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Never mind The Gambling Ads

Post by grassy1 »

Supposedly we've been bombarded by a multitude of gambling ads.

Sure thing if you watch SkyRacing or Channel 73(one of 7's better stations).Maybe the screeching dogooders spend all their time watching these networks,guaranteeing their boring outrage.

Do these same people complain about the constant bombardment,by Certain Networks of their Shit Programs,during a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament?Which includes the poor commentators having to give Disgracefull plugs to 7's Rubbish!

No complaints from the Do Gooder brigade there eh?!Think of us poor viewers having to put up with 7's Shit,which you don't!

Hang on a Tic!Simple solution!

Change channels,put the mute button on,take a Dunny break,put the kettle on or better yet,turn the bloody Idiot Box off and send the kids to bed or tell 'em to do their bloody homework!

Can't be that hard to keep your kids away from the the so called Evils of Gambling,including a reminder for 'em,that they can't punt on the nags,dishlickers,sports or elections,or at the Betting Shop until they reach a certain Age.

Shouldn't be too hard to do,except for the bleeding Dogooders! :evil: :roll: :shock: #-o
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