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Middle Aged Twit from Baxter!

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 2:59 pm
by grassy1
I don’t know if I risk Contempt of court,if the 34 year old twit has been charged,but I will say it anyway,after witnessing an attack from a so called Melbourne fan on a Hawthorn fan,who was going about his normal business inside the MCG.

What’s with you Pal.You mightn’t be an orphan in such incidents,but why did you do what you did yesterday,carrying out a crude assault?What possessed you to do it?Was there any need to do it?If he upset you that much,why not shrug your shoulders and just walk off?

You know you look like a Fool,acting the way you,don’t you?DON’T YOU?!

Is rivalry with another Club on game day or for all time so intense,that you have to do that?There’s simply no excuse is there?IS THERE?

Just so you know,at my club’s after match presentations yesterday,a young 5 year old girl went around the room getting the autographs of the local boys,and got as many as she could see.When she got back to my friend’s table,I suggested she get the opposition player autographs as well,because these guys are good too(explaining in simple terms as I could to a 5 year old).

The visitors lead by 1 Senior player were ALL CLASS,as were our guys and I thanked them with a simple thumbs up which was acknowledged by a no worries response.

The simple message there is this - At the end of the day and match(or matches),you put ALL Differences aside.Becausse as passionate as we all are about Aussie Rules Footy,it is still just a game.

Well,certainly amongst your rivals anyway.Any frustrations about the game,can still be vented,but through the Proper channels,which believe it or not,include Footy Forums!

Hope that helps!

To your victim,I wish him a speedy recovery from even the slightest scratch and/or hurt feelings.

Re: Middle Aged Twit from Baxter!

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:52 am
by Windy Hille
Is this the one where the guy belted a bloke walking along a footpath? Pathetic. Sadly, it’s an all to common occurrence these days. Disgusting

Re: Middle Aged Twit from Baxter!

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:16 pm
by grassy1
At the MCG?

Then Yes,I think that’s the one,though there have been other incidents there in recent times.

Though looking at the Football in England in the 70’s and 80’s,I reckon what’s happened here pales into insignificance really.Some of what I saw there and other parts of Europe was plains NUTS!

Anyone been to The Den for a Good Punch - up?! :roll: