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Real Injun

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Good doco on Channel 34 on the portrayal of Native American Indians in Hollywooda and Cinema.

You guys over East have probably missed it or already seen it by now.

Even well intentioned folk like the 60’s Hippies got their Indigenous people ever so wrong.

The program also explored Indian Activism,from setting up Camp in protest at Alcatraz,to events that came to a head at Wounded Knee,South Dakota and how public support came from a most unlikely corner,Hollywood.It came through Marlon Brando,in refusing to accept his Oscar in protest over the poor treatment of American Indians.

Clint Eastwood portrayal of American Indians,shed a new light in the way they were seen in The Outlaw Josey Wales,as did Dances with Wolves,then in the 90’s,Hollywood Depictions of Indians moved into modern times,of people living in the now,rather than over 100 years ago.

Some of the Indians featured included Chief Dan George,John Trudel and Adam Beach,with many more depicting American Indians in a far better way,than what was ever done before.
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