Captain Tom and Friends - Take a Huge Bow!

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Captain Tom and Friends - Take a Huge Bow!

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Captain Tom Moore,a 99 year old gentleman decided he would like to find a way to help someone,by raising 1000 pounds for the National Health Service,by walking he and his walking frame around his yard(back or front,I’m not sure)to help a body of people in need and say thanks for helping him,when in need.

When Opera Star Michael Ball and The National Health Service Care Choir lent their voices to the famous Gerry and The Pacemakers Classic,You’ll Never Walk Alone with Captain Tom,the response went crazy.

It went to Number One on the Charts,raising 55Million Pounds,made even more possible by Canadian Act The Weeknd,who implored people to buy Tom’s Single to make it Number One.

To all of you concerned,Thank - You Greatly!You have all restored a big chunk of faith in the Human Race,much of which has been lost a great deal lately!

And Captain Tom who got the wheels in motion(pardon the pun,ha - ha :lol: ),well done Captain,Sir!

And Have a Very Happy 100th Birthday!And many more!

You Deserve it Tom!

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