Ernie Dingo Cops a Racist Gobfull

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Ernie Dingo Cops a Racist Gobfull

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Just isolating the Incident by itself,with straying into saying”they’re Racist too”discussion,the clown who yelled “f****** Abbo”at Ernie deserved a right clip over the earlug,even if he did gave an Intellectual Handicap!

Got the weird feeling I suspect I know who it was,though I hope I’m absolutely Wrong.Whoever it was,it was NO excuse for his Appalling Behaviour and was very lucky Ernie didn’t really cut loose!

As for Ernie,he didn’t deserve that Racist Attitude and it bothers me that he has copped that shit all his life!

I only met him once in 1987 and I didn’t know him at all then.He was sitting at a table at Cottesloe Hotel Saloon Bar by himself and I with the lighting dimmed,got him mixed up for an Indo/Australian TAFE fella I knew called Dwayne.

I squinted thinking it was Dwayne and asked him,”Dwayne”?Ernie just flashed his teeth,laughed and said”Nah,mate!”I said,”Oh,sorry mate.Mistaken ID!”and got myself a drink.Not long after,the fella I mixed up for Dwayne was up on stage with Keith McDonald and introduced to the Saturday Night crowd and Ernie was a hit!

Whilst I haven’t followed Ernie’s career that closely since,except when he was in Heartland with Cate Blanchett,he hasn’t given me reason to take a dislike to him,let alone gob off at him.He does follow the Eagles,but I guess in Ernie’s case,I cut him some slack for that slight weakness! :lol:

Hope things turn out better for you Ernie and maybe the Clown that Abused you,can Pull his head in and at least Apologise to you and Mean it!
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