Buckley v Taylor

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Buckley v Taylor

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Who’s quarantine breach is more serious?

A young kid,whose girlfriend went to the Swans’ Accommodation area without permission,or a Senior AFL Coach and his Assistant,plus Doubles Opponents playing Tennis for quite some time,who should have known better?

Elijah(yes,he used to play for my Club,Perth)or Nathan(Yes,I pretty much hate Collingwood,I admit it)?

But then,those Declarations are beside the point.Elijah Taylor gets suspended for the rest of the year.Someone in the infancy of his Career.You could say,a no name in the general scheme of things.Funnily enough,if a former Perth Colt at the same AFL Club was in breach of quarantine rules,would the punishment have been the same?I suspect not and that’s not me picking on Buddy,but rather the Rules that don’t seem to be applied evenly here!

Should Buckley and his assistant Coach have been suspended?I’d rather not,given the state of play in WA,compared to NSW and Victoria in particular.

But was he lucky not to get the same treatment?I suspect he was,like Wayne Bennett,who probably was lucky not to Cop the rest of the season in the NRL!I dare say his standing in the game,saved him from such a fate,despite the so called Tut - tutting!

Despite coaching my beloved Bunnies and his Son’s team for that matter(as revealed on Australian Story years ago),Wayne was very lucky not to be sitting on the sidelines!And he probably should be sitting on the sidelines until 2021 for his Inexcusable Blunder!

It’s all very well to have these Rules in this,these most very trying times!But in the AFL and NRL,are they being applied Equally?

I suspect not!


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