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Some scuttlebutt today about us being interested in getting him back.

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Re: Crameri

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i was always a fan and was sad to see him go.

29 and seems injury prone... if his health wasnt a concern and the price was right id be happy to see him back, no more than 2 yrs though. difficult match up he is. medium sized player with the strength of a big but is deceptively quick.

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Re: Crameri

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Further scuttlebut in the Herald-Sun today.

Sounds like its a compensation year given he couldn't crack regular games with the Doggies and they played 38 players this year.

If its what it takes to put a full stop to the saga and we clear out 8 or 9 (Kelly,, Hocking, Stanton, Jobe, Howlett, JMerrett, Morgan, Brown, Bird and the rookies Long, McKernan, Eades)

Pick 90 would just about do it.
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Re: Crameri

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We owe him why?

He chose to go.

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Re: Crameri

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No ****** way.

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