Suggested Election Dates

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Suggested Election Dates

Post by grassy1 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:26 pm

July 2 - Possibly.My footy club is playing in my Federal Electorate.Wonder if there's a polling booth in the Showgrounds?Piss easy to vote then. :lol: 8) :twisted: vingertje

July 9 - Home Game.Hmmm,better get up early and beat the mob there.Oh wait,they'll have the same idea too.Shit! #-o :evil:

July 16 - Yep.My lot have the Bye.Can winder down to the polling booth and Footy at my leisure. :D

Next 3 weeks,forget it!

In Northam,South Gero and Carnarvon.

Save it 'till after the Footy Season,PM.

Hang on,wait 'till after the Spring Carnival and Sandown Classic.Wait on,didn't bother this year. :lol:

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